Bringing a New Dog into your Home after the Loss of One

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The loss of a beloved furchild can be devastating for some. When I lost Zue in August, it sent me into a whirlwind depression. Between having to make that final decision for her and seeing her through to the end was more than what I could handle.

Titan and I were both lost without her. He lost his sister, a playmate and I, my princess girl.

Due to Titan’s condition (cancer), I knew I would have to welcome another princess into our home. It would help not only Titan and myself, but help the homeless princess finally get a furever home.

Bringing a New Dog into your Home after the Loss of One

This could be an even harder decision to make. You may even torment yourself thinking “Is it too soon?”, “Am I ready?”. However, we mustn’t let these thoughts consume us. If anything I learned over the years of rescuing and losing, you’ll know when it’s time.

You can’t set a timeframe

Simply put, everyone grieves differently. Some may not want another animal after the loss of one. Others may want to fill the void left by the other but feel they would be disgracing the memory of the lost one. Whatever you decide is solely up to you. Don’t allow anyone else to dictate what is too soon or soon enough.

In our case, we waited for about 6 months. Quite frankly, I wanted to wait a bit longer but after I reached out to my friend who owns a rescue, the little princess girl she knew would be perfect for us just couldn’t come soon enough! Once I met her and found out her story, I knew Titan had to love her. The two of them instantly bonded and are inseparable.

Don’t be afraid to make your decision

The loss of one beloved furchild opens up space for another homeless furchild to gain a furever home. This is how I had to look at rescuing again. I knew it just wasn’t for me. I knew it just wasn’t for Titan to have a sister for the rest of his life. I had the means to allow another furchild to be part of our family and the time was now.

dogs, rescue, pit bull, ambull, staffy

Trust me, I doubted myself and I may even have driven my friend crazy with my back and forth, however, once she, Duchess, joined us, I knew it was fated to be.

Allow yourself to love again

Don’t feel guilty. The love you shared with your lost furchild will never go away. The memories are furever embedded in your heart.

Allow yourself to love again. Laugh again. Create new memories.

I know Zue is looking down upon us from Rainbow Bridge smiling at the fact there is another girl in the house to torment Titan. 🙂 Zue was fortunate enough to gain her furever home at 7 years old. How could she begrudge another homeless princess to not have a home?

I know she would have wanted this for us.


We will never forget Zue in our home. She left paw prints on both of our hearts and taught us so much.

Now that we have Duchess, in a short time, she has been teaching us a thing or two and vice versa.

The house may sound chaotic and I barely have time to take a shower but having my heart filled with laughter, love, and the growling sounds of bitey-face is well worth it all.

How did you handle the loss of a furry loved one?

I would love to hear your stories below.




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