About Pibbles & Me

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Pibbles and Me originally launched in 2010 but like so many other bloggers, the need to monetize took over and I lost focus. But now we’re back on I’m on a mission!

About Me

I juggle many hats like so many other moms. And yes, dog moms are moms too!

There have been some changes since the original Pibbles & Me launched so just let me put that out there now.

  • There are now two pibbles.
  • There was another pibble during this 9 year time but she passed away due to cancer.
  • I divorced in 2018.
  • I turned 50 in August 2018.
  • I have a side hustle as a Virtual Assistant.

Things that haven’t changed

  • I’m still as passionate about pit bulls as I was in the beginning. Actually, more so now! How can you not love these bullies?
  • I still work full-time as an Administrative Assistant.
  • My mission is simple:  Spread pit bull awareness by sharing our experiences.

But that’s not it!

You know there is more to a dog mom than just stories of our dogs.

I’d like to share lifestyle stories with you regarding health, relationships, family, and more!

As a midlife, divorced dog mom things in my life sure have been shaken up!

Don’t forget to meet my family!

The not quite so interesting as drooling doggy faces

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It’s Great to be Back!